Every drop of water makes a difference

As part of their Good Business Journey, Woolworths is proud to support initiatives like Rotary SafeWater.

Through partnerships with their customers and organisations like Rotary SafeWater, Woolworths is increasing awareness of the social issues in South Africa, while actively supporting social upliftment projects in South Africa.

Through the sale of each bracelet, Woolworths donates R10 to Rotary SafeWater.

View our safe water challenge and the communities that benefit from this initiative.

Aqua4Life are the suppliers of LifeStraw products to the Southern African market and are our active partners in delivering SafeWater to communities in need.

Through Aqua4Life, LifeStraw® products by Vestergaard, are now available for SA, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Transkei and Zimbabwe. The roll out and delivery is always dependent of the goodwill and ability of both government and business to partner with us in this new and exciting venture.

Aqua4Life also fully upholds the tenets of corporate social responsibility, thinking of it as just one part of corporate social ability. Aqua4Life also recognize that it’s not just the goal of our business, but also how business is done, that matters.

Looking forward, Aqua4Life is very excited about several initiatives we’re undertaking to become better corporate AFRICAN citizens. The well-being of people, especially our children, is extremely important, and we look forward to achieving that in both our business objectives and our approach to reaching them.

Relate Trust manufacture our bracelets.

Relate is a not-for-profit social enterprise that does not rely on funding. Instead, income is generated through the creation and sale of simple decorative beaded bracelets, and used to fund a variety of beneficiaries. In the process, the lives of the beaders are changed as they develop skills, find employment and gain dignity.

The insertion of a small, signature “R” bead in each bracelet represents a philosophy of Respect, Recognition and Responsibility for self and others. A large charm bead in every bracelet displays the branding of the cause it represents.

Relate has developed cause bracelets for many other worthy organisations.

Buy a Relate bracelet today!

Vestergaard-Frandsen manufacture and distribute LifeStraw Filters. 

They have successfully distributed many 1000s of filters to many communities all over the world where safe and clean water is inaccessible. They have developed the skills to influence and educate communities to use the LifeStraws correctly and continuously.

Ongoing independent research shows that the adherence to LifeStraws a year after introduction in to communities runs at over 85%.


Rotary International’s focus on Africa, calls upon all Rotarians to focus on key projects in Africa – with a special focus on water and sanitation projects.