Just South of Johannesburg, abandoned stables have become the home for 83 squatters who receive no services from the local municipality. This camp is called Springbok.

Through our network, we heard that 2 children under the age of 3 had died from gastro, and we were asked to assist. Nico from Aqua4 Life went up to Johannesburg to train community leaders in how to use the Community LifeStraw.

SafeWater is part of a programme to assist these desperate people.

The photos show the dire conditions under which these people live. Please click on thumb image to enlarge.

Every drop of water makes a difference

As part of their Good Business Journey, Woolworths is proud to support initiatives like Rotary SafeWater.

Through partnerships with their customers and organisations like Rotary SafeWater, Woolworths is increasing awareness of the social issues in South Africa, while actively supporting social upliftment projects in South Africa.

Through the sale of each bracelet, Woolworths donates R10 to Rotary SafeWater.

To read more on the Bead4Good initiative please view our Safe Water Challenge page.