How 150 households have access to constant, clean, and safe water

Delivering Life Straws to Lebanon, Kleinbegin and Nuweberg

On the weekend of July 6th and 7th 2013, Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs of Sea Point, Strand, Am Kap (with a member from Cologne, Germany), two Ambassadorial Scholars (one from our matching grant partner club & district) and two long term exchange students drove out to Grabouw, (65 km outside Cape Town) to visit the communities of Lebanon, Kleinbegin and Nuweberg.

150 households

The combined 150 households have no access to constant, clean, safe water. In Nuweberg people complained that after rain, worms would emerge from their taps - LifeStraws were certainly welcome.

Our Rotarians were shown how to communicate about and install LifeStraws and documents were translated into Afrikaans, the language of the local community, to ensure good understanding and long term adherence.

We were very fortunate to have Annelie Roussouw on our team, a Rotarian from Strand Rotary Club and the Manager of Sustainable Development in the Local Municipality. Annelie facilitated communication with the communities to prepare them for our arrival and training, and will assist with adherence.

In each of the communities, we began with a presentation in Afrikaans explaining the importance of clean and safe water and explained how the LifeStraw worked. We compared water samples pre and post filtering which certainly got their attention.

We split communities into groups according to their streets and assigned a team of installers to each group. We went into each house, asked the homeowners where they would like the LifeStraws and then installed them. We took the families through the filtering process and after which they showed us how the units worked to ensure that they were competent.

LifeStraws are to be installed in two crèches in these communities and in a primary school where many children attend.

Our Success

The whole project has been based on collaboration and teamwork. So many Rotary Clubs, as well as EarlyAct, InterAct, Rotoract and Inner Wheel clubs in D9350 have contributed to the fund raising through the sale of SafeWater bracelets.

There has been international interest as well. The support of Vestergaard-Frandsen who manufacture and distribute the LifeStraw filters has been fantastic. They introduced us to a Canadian sponsor Eartheasy who have been most generous. A Canadian Interact Club has been most generous as have clubs from the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

The collaboration and co-operation between the three Rotary clubs of Sea Point, Strand and Am Kap, the three communities and the Theeswaterskloof community made the weekend so successful.

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